Who Had the Most Fun in Fresno?

There were 40 guys that had more fun than anyone else at the fall FWD convention in Fresno.


Cause they started singing in quartets the day before most folks arrived.  These fellows had learned four songs at home from high quality tracks that the Harmony Platoon put out. They got randomly assigned into quartets, and after rehearsing a while competed in a fun contest.  These four guys had the best “luck of the draw” and won our first contest.


Forgive this quartet for being slightly “out of focus” since they were so overjoyed at winning.  They were called “The Next Quartet” and sang a challenging arrangement by Walter Latzko called Jezebel.  From Left to Right, meet Tenor Glenn Davis from Santa Cruz, Ed Bostrom from Alaska and Prescott AZ and a member of the Frank Thorne Chapter, Bass Bob Standfast of Sedona and Arizona Quartet Chapters, and Bari Antwun Puckett of Las Vegas.

You may recognize Tenor Glenn Davis from our Saturday night mike testing quartet Seaside, who went to Harmony University this last summer and made a very big jump in scores from their spring Division qualifying contest.  Congrats guys.

Then everyone got shuffled into new combinations and competed again, leading to crowning a champ: “A Good Day”.  They sang an arrangement that our own Lloyd Steinkamp penned for our very own “almost” International champs Pacificaires: A Good Day.  

From Left to Right, meet Bari Vic Guder from Las Vegas, Lead Logan Patrick-Miernicki from San Luis Obispo and Santa Fe Springs, Bass Antwun Puckett from Las Vegas and Tenor Jay Pryor from Rincon Beach.  You will notice that Antwun also won the Semi-Finals contest on bari, and is in our fantastic FWD High School Champs quartet.

Thanks to our contest judges Tenor Ray Estes and Bari Mark House of International Senior Champs High Fidelity, Tenor Shel Givens of FWD Super Senior Champs The Artul Codgers and Preferred Blend’s Lead Steve Hansen.

In addition to the quartet contests, our Platoon group gave half hour performances at two rest homes, singing both as a chorus and in quartets.

Two fine directors were up front of the Platoon (Bolles and Patrick-Miernicki), which was assembled by organizers Suwabe, Salz and Kane.  Left to Right, meet Logan Patrick-Miernicki, Bill Kane, Scott Suwabe, Gary Bolles and Don Salz.

The next Platoon you have a chance to join will be at Mid-Winter in Nashville next January, while FWD spring conventions will also feature Platoons.  Why not come and have some fun with us. Watch for a chance to register either on the Platoon website, or FWD website: HarmonyPlatoon.org