What IS Harmony Platoon?

OCT 12-14, Evergreen District Mixed Platoon, Vancouver, WA

Oct 19-20, Far Western District Platoon, Bakersfield, CA

The FWD Platoon will be singing four songs created by 139thStreet Quartet: 1927, My Alabama, Sing An Old Barbershop Song, and I Owe It To My Dear Old Dad — and 139th will be singing with the Platoon  (with Royce Ferguson joining them on tenor).

Current Champs

2017 Las Vegas International Harmony Platoon Champions:

Yeah, But It’s a Dry Heat

Tenor:    Maurice Collins, South Texas Alamo Regional
Bass:      Jim Corey, Bellevue, WA
Lead:      Doug Hutson, Bellevue, WA
Bari:       George Humfeld, Grand Junction, CO
Song:      I Don’t Know Enough About You


July 6-8 – Last Vegas – International Summer Convention

March 23-25 – Winston/Salem – North Carolina District Spring Convention

January 18-19 – San Antonio – International Mid-Winter Convention


July 7-9 – Nashville – International Summer Convention

October 13-14 – Vancouver, Washington – Evergreen District Fall Convention

October 13-14 – Riverside, CA – Far Western District Fall Convention

March 17-18 – Myrtle Beach – North/South Carolina Spring Convention

March 17-18 – Las Vegas, NV – Far Western District Spring Convention

January 27-28 – Reno, NV – International Mid-Winter Convention


Mesa – October  15-16 – Far Western District Fall Convention

Spokane – October 15-16 – Evergreen District

Pittsburgh – June 28 – July 5 – International Convention

Santa Monica – May 8 – FWD Southeast/Southwest Divisions Convention

Mesa – April 24-25 – Arizona Division Convention

Charlotte – Spring – NSC District

Sacramento – March 19-22 – FWD Spring Co-Champ 2 and Co-Champ B

New Orleans – January 6-11 – Midwinter Convention


Fresno – October 9-10 – Far Western District Fall Convention

Surrey, BC – September 25-26 – Evergreen District Fall Convention

Las Vegas – July 2014 – International Convention

Long Beach – January 29-30 – Mid-Winter Convention


Lodi – March 21-22 – NE Div/NW Div/FWD Spring Convention

Phoenix – April 19-20 – AZ Div

Ontario – May 10-11 – SE Div/SW Div

Bakersfield – October 11-12 – FWD Fall Convention

Boise – October 17-18 – Evergreen District Fall Convention


Ontario – March 8-9 – SW Div/SE Div/FWD Spring Convention

Folsom – May 20 – NE Division

Mesa – October 11-12 — FWD Fall Convention


2017 Las Vegas International Summer Harmony Platoon Champs
Yeah, But It’s a Dry Heat

Tenor – Maurice Collnins, South Texas Alamo Regional
Bass – Jim Corey, Bellevue, WA
Lead – Doug Hutson, Bellevue, WA
Bari – George Humfeld, Grand Junction, CO
Winning Song: “I Don’t Know Enough About You”

2017 San Antonio Midwinter Champions — Market Street
Tenor – Gene Brandwein (Sun Cities, AZ)
Lead – Eric Waninger (Plano, TX)
Bass – Andrew Coward (Hong Kong)
Bari – Jim Lucey (Colorado Springs, CO)
Winning Song: This Could Be the Start of Something Big

Last Night's Winners
2016 Spring FWD — Last Night’s Winners
Tenor – Shel Givens (Frank Thorne)
Lead – Tim Bixler (South Bay)
Bass – Jim Gallagher (Salt Lake City)
Bari – Scott Suwabe (South Bay)
Winning Song: I’m Feeling Fine

2016 International – Nashville, TN — Dubiosity
Tenor – Russ Pascoe (Sunrise, FL, THX)
Bass – Rich Tassone (Dallas, TX, Vocal Majority)
Lead – Doug Hutson (Bellevue, WA, Northwest Sound)
Bari – Mike Hatch (Bellevue, WA, Northwest Sound)
Winning Song: I’ve Got the World on a String

2016 International Mid-Winter – Reno, NV — Can’t Sing That
Tenor– Greg Ramsay (Colorado Springs/Pikes Peak);
Bass – Andrew Coward (Hong Kong);
Lead–  Donnie Miller (Reno); and
Bari – Raphael Pazo, Jr. (California Delta)
Winning Song: Oh! Look At Me Now

International Platoon 2015 – Pittsburgh, PA – Platoonatix
Ken Krieger – Tenor Fostoria, OH – JAD
Kevin Williams – Bass, Manchester, CT – NED
Joe Gurreri – Lead, Northbrook, IL – ILL
Bill Esworthy – Baritone, Bellevue, WA – EVG
Winning Song: Let’s Do It!

2015 EVG Fall Platoon – The Jackals
Bari: Carlos Aguayo – Bridgetown Sound (Portland)
Bass: Dane Chevassus – Seachordsmen (Seattle)
Lead: Rick Vollmer – Seachordsmen (Seattle)
Tenor: Neal Ketcher – Flathead Valley Aires (Kalispell)
Winning Song: Let’s Do it, Lets Fall in Love

2015 NSC Spring Platoon — Survivors
Bari: Jim Wilson – New Bern
Tenor: Richard Millard – Wilmington
Bass: Ken Thomas – Wilmington
Lead: Lon Elliotte – Jacksonville
Winning Song: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

2015 FWD Fall Platoon – 3 Great Voices
Tenor: Joel Levitz (Rincon Beach)
Lead: Justin McQueen (Rincon Beach)
Bass: Allen Smith (Inland Sound)
Bari: Don Salz (Las Vegas)
Winning Song: All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart

2015 FWD Spring Co-Champs – No One Remembers Our Name
Tenor: Shel Givens (Frank Thorne)
Lead: David Queen (Reno)
Bass: Norm Pincock (Palomar Pacific)
Bari: Don Salz (CA Delta)
Winning Song: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

2015 FWD Spring Co-Champs – Out of Time
Bari: Chris Phoenix (Bay Area)
Bass: Tom Keenan (Prescott)
Lead: Corley Phillips (CA Delta)
Tenor: David Weatherford (Palo Alto-Mt View)
Winning Song: Daydream

Tonal Recall, Winners of the 2013 Fall FWD Convention Platoon
Tenor: David Weatherford (CA) FWD Palo Alto Mt. View
Bass: Bill Winfield (CA) FWD Ventura, Rincon Beach
Lead: Mark Bain (CA) FWD California Delta
Bari: Chris Phoenix (CA) FWD Bay Area
Winning Song: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Winning quartet
Roulette – Winners of the 2014 Vegas International Convention Platoon
Lead: Ed Herring (MD) MAD Carroll County
Bass: Matt Picioccio (WA) EVG Bellevue, Western
Tenor: Shel Given (CA) FWD Frank Thorne
Bari: David Queen (NV) FWD Reno
Winning Song: I’m Yours
Mid-Winter Platoon Champs
Loose Chickens – Winners of the 2014 Mid-Winter Platoon
Bari: Lance Alloway (Riverside)
Bass: Roger Hufferd (Pal Pac)
Lead: Jim Schumacher (La Jolla)
Tenor: Greg Ramsay (Pike Peak CO).
Winning Song: Hello My Baby

Mike Moyer, Tenor; Mike DePaso, Lead; Bill Kane, Basws; Jim Hilgenberg, Baritone. Winning Song: Firefly

Representing Phoenix, Tucson,
and La Jolla chapters

2013 Lodi Platoon Champs Beats Me, Paul Engle (Tenor), Stan Gile (Lead), Pete Bennett (Bass), John Goerke (Baritone)

Representing Bay Area, Coachella Valley,
San Luis Obispo, and Marin chapters

2012 Mesa Platoon Champs Not Dead Yet, Shelly Albaum (Tenor, Santa Rosa), Jim Schumacher (Lead, La Jolla), John White (Bass, Santa Monica), Mark Whelan (Baritone, La Jolla)

Representing Santa Rosa, La Jolla,
and Santa Monica chapters